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We've been toying with the idea for a very long time now and after the mass support we've had over the past few months, from both customers and suppliers, we thought "why not!"

You can now book some of the best fishing charters Australia has to offer with the Tackle To You touch .......and first cab off the rank is a CRACKER!

For those who have never heard of our first vessel (there may be 2 or 3 of you around Australia :-P), imagine this:
- a 5 star luxury hotel
- views that are reserved for movies and oil paintings
- service like you were royalty
- cuisine to rival the world's best chefs

Not bad hey? Well you know what turns "not bad" into "BLOODY BRILLIANT"?


Of course, we're talking about none other than the world renowned luxury fishing cruiser; Little Audrey!

If you ask me to describe the Little Audrey experience, I'd simply say "it's like fishing in God's back yard, on your birthday after finding a winning scratchie on the footpath out the front of the super model's house you spent last night at!" The owners however describe it like this:

"Little Audrey is a 76ft Warren Yacht we call the Fishing Theatre. This is a lean, luxury fast fishing machine. It includes superior and uncompromising comfort and style.

Now you all know that when it comes to Tackle To You, there's always a little bonus somewhere, so in conjunction with Little Audrey, here's an offer that'll have the Mrs packing your bag for you!!!

Get 4 of your mates together and book a 4 day (or more) Cairns charter where the 5 of you will be chasing those giant black marlin most people only dream of!! Imagine that, a 1000lb black marlin tail walking the surface while you're strapped in the chair and hanging on!! (Never mind your mates who are all kicking back while sipping a nice cold beer!!)


Get 5 of your mates together and book a 3 day (or more) Port Stephens charter where the 6 of you will be tagging marlin, after marlin, after marlin! As you all probably know, during the hot bite season, it's not uncommon for people to tag upwards of 10 marlin a day! Most anglers would be happy with one. Most seasoned and accomplished anglers consider 10 marlin in a YEAR an awesome feat!! 

Now imagine the above all while you're comfortably kicking back in a floating resort......... Then all of a sudden, BANG! You've hit reality and you're thinking "There's NO WAY the Mrs is going to let me do any of that!!!" Well, yes ladies and gents, Tackle To You has you covered there as well!!

You see whenever you book either of the above packages, you get:

A 4 hour Sydney Harbour cruise on Little Audrey for up to TWENTY people for FREE!!!

That's right! Imagine telling the wife "Honey, if me and the boys can go to Cairns, all 5 of us will renew our vows with another 10 of our closest friends on a 76 foot FLOATING MANSION!!!" There are at least 4 million brownie points in that statement alone!!

For more details, or to make a booking see or you can call the skipper himself Captain Dan Carlson on 0408 078 624


Well lets just say chasing marlin isn't your up of tea .....
Skipper extraordinaire and Charter to the stars Matt Reid has got you covered!!


Matt, from Raptor Charters is the kind of genuine operator that is truly upset if the client doesn't come home with a smile on their face!! He has all the spots in his secret black book however sometimes they're just not biting! Matt goes over and above to go and find fish for you and I'm yet to hear a single word uttered about him other than the utmost of praise!!

Matt's always sharing info regarding rigging and technique so even if you already have your own  boat, a trip out with him is worth the learning experience alone!!


Here's Matt with what's on offer:

Hi Martin
A day inside the Harbour and offshore:

  • Four people is $880 which is $220 per head.
  • Three people is $780 which is $260 per head.
  • Two people is $700 which is $350 per head and,
  • One person is $650.

The day starts at Tunks Park at 6am and back to the ramp around 1:30pm. All fishing gear is supplied, all you have to bring is food and a drink.

For bookings or inquiries:

Call me directly on 0404880148 or you can see us on Facebook or drop us an email at


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